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50 Credits 1 User
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250 Credits 1 User
$14.95 Billed Monthly
500 Credits 1 User
$29.95 Billed Monthly
1,250 Credits 3 User
$49.95 Billed Monthly
2,500 Credits 5 User
$99.95Billed Monthly
7,500 Credits10 UserEmailsPhone Numbers
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    Our Premium Features
    We Provide Verified email Ids at Most Competitive Price
    • Verified email IDs are less than a Month Old.
    • Download your lists in CSV or XLSX format.
    • No duplicate records.
    • Download freshly verified email Ids.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Subscription Plans
    How to Subscribe PIPILEADS?
    PIPILEADS is offering various Plans such as Bronze , Silver , Gold and Platinum. User can buy these plans using Credit / Debit Cards.
    Once the subscription is made , the credit Points will be allocated to the user as per the subscribed Plan.
    Users can see the available Credit Points in their Dashboard
    How to cancel the Subscription?
    PIPILEADS is offering Monthly Subscription plan. Members can choose to unsubscribe the plan at anytime at their convenienence in Billing Page.
    Once Unsubscribed , Member will not be charged thereafter and they become a Free Member with 50 credits per month .
    Is AliPay payment method is available?
    Yes, AliPay is available only for Pay As You Go option. User can buy credits anytime. no subscription needed.
    Do unused credits roll over to the next month?
    Yes, Your unused credits will rollover to the next month and stay on your account for the duration of your active membership.
    This means, if you do not use all your credits in a month they will automatically rollover to the next month and stay on your account for as long as you're an active member!
    Can I change my subscription plan?
    Yes, You can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan at any time if needed.
    Is it possible to buy credits without subscription?
    Yes, there is an Pay As You Go option in the billing page. there you can buy credits as much you want. no subscription needed.
    Credit Points
    How does this Credit Points Work?
    Any one who downloaded or signup with PIPILEADS would be given 50 Credit Points at free of cost.
    Users / Membesrs can use those Credit Point to procure the Verified B2B email IDs of the Target Audience in the Linkedin Platform.
    Upon using the Free Credit Points , Users can Purchase different Plans so that they can have 250, 500 , 1,250 & 2,500 Credit Points for their use.
    How many Credit Points are needed to buy a Verified B2B email ID?
    If the email ID was verified within a month already , it will cost 1 Credit Point and can be downloaded immediately
    If the email ID was verified older than a month , then it will cost 1 Credit Point and it has to be verified freshly before allowing it to be downloaded.
    How to buy more than 2,500 Credit Points?
    Those who are interested to large volume of Credit Points , Please send an email to
    A Sales Officier will contact you within 24 hrs to assist you in this regard