Terms and Conditions for Refund

Customer Satisfaction is our priority. We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied with our products and services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter with any technical problem to use our portal. You can write to us at admin@pipileads.com or via live chat support. We shall try to assist you as early as possible.

In case you are not happy and wish to cancel the subscription , you have all the freedom to do it at anytime. We shall initiate refund if you have not used the credits awarded. We shall provide full refund if no single credit is used after making the payment. We do not provide partial or proportionate refund if you have started using credits once.

If you are facing any difficulties in cancelling the subscription , please send an email using your registered email to us at sales@pipileads.com

You will receive a response within 3 working days.

If your refund is approved, the refunded amount will be available in your bank account after it’s processed depending on the issuing bank, approximately in three working days.